“The Tourist Guides Syndicate in Alexandria is an official entity concerned with the tour guides in Alexandria .the syndicate always be pleased to cooperate with everyone to reveal the beauty and the history of Egypt and its civilization and always be to facilitate the visit of Egypt Guests.”

-Hazem Mohamed Abu Elsud
-President of Alexandria Tourist Guides Syndicate

Language Name Mobile Number
Dr. Ahmed Hamdy 01112999555
Amr Aly Galal Eldin Shahin 01001035500
Heba Aly Galal Eldin Shahin 01001443553
Hanan Elbana 01001482830
Nevien Sobhy 01223441542
Mariam Mahmoud Hafez Ahmed 01125409877
Samer Georg Rezk 01001014134
Sarah Aly Hamed 01021202767
Suzan Omar Ramadan 01273873215
Elzahraa Adel Ahmed 01116072722
Hazem Mohamed Abu Elsud 01001607731
Bahgat Galal Sobeh 01116688774
Nevien Mahmoud Hussin 01222845531
Usama Nassif 01222622537
Jean Bahgat Murad 01221245380
Nansy Yousef 01224571872
Eman Mouhamed Fathy 01229221792
Hany AbdelAzez 01001519922
Hanan Mohamed Ezat 01146573503
Amal Mohamed Atta 01222304708
Fatma Mohamed Hasan 01223706102
Nesreen Ahmed Shafeq 01221666730
Sarah Aly Hamed Yahya 01021202767
Karim Medhat AbdelMouty 01227027065
Noha Elawady 01001069569
Hazem Abu Elsoud 01001607731
Mohamed Mahrous Salama 01113399966
Ahmed AbdelfatahZohdy 01202790300
Ahmed Mouner 01201721436
Sameh Sabry Gaber 01222763777
Rehab Mohamed Nabel 01223762943
Donia Nabel Ibrahim 01002596752
Noha Sameh Farag 01223598424
Nabel Abdel Atey 01010917191
Mustafa Elwany Ibrahim 01283183603
Abo-Elhamd Sadek 01001446130
Hassan Aly Hassan 01224292081