Local Food

Types of Food You Should Try

Egyptian Fava Beans (Foul)

Beans is a very important meal in itself for Egyptians, it can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner. as a main dish or a side dish. It is prepared in many ways but remembers to ask for foul Iskandarani ( Alexandrian beans) you can find it at any corner of the city.


Bread in general is found at every Egyptian meal, there are various types of bread either white or made with bran, so just enjoy it with every meal.


You May know it as the green burger, actually, it is a fried paste of beans and some herbs and spices you can eat it in various forms too just make sure not to miss it. you can find it at any corner of the city.


Yes it is as you see it! Rice, Macaroni and lentils topped with fried onions and spice daaa, just eat it and you will return to Egypt craving for it.

Sandwich Selections

Wandering around and felt the urge for a snack, anywhere you will find a lot of choices, love veggies, cheese, French fries, poultry or meat, be sure you will find delicious options at any local food fast food restaurant.


There are like zillion special Egyptian juices and blends, fresh fruits like sugarcane, pomegranate, Guava, Dates …etc. Herbal juices like Hibiscus, Tamarind, Carob, and Sobia. Or you maybe be courageous enough to try one of the cocktail drinks Juice shops are located at every corner of the city.


Tahini (sesame oil paste), baba Ghanouj (Tahini and grilled eggplant), Besara, Green salad the Egyptian way……. you name it . Salads are served as appetizers at any restaurant together with especially fresh baked bread, but beware not to get full before the main meal.


Egyptian pizza, you can never find it elsewhere. Served hot just out of the oven you can eat with loads of cheese, veggies or as a sweet treat.


Stuffed veggies, just another delight of the Egyptian world, it is mostly rice and some herbs the form the stuffing, you can indulge vine leaves (waraq Enab), small eggplant, pepper, tomato or mombar.


Green soup! yes it is green it is the perfect blend of stalk, special combination of spices and Molokhia plant.

Egyptian Style Roasted Chicken

You can find it almost everywhere, made in a specially made furnace and then put on the grill.

Grilled Meat

You can have two different types of experience in this food Category, you can enjoy Bedouin style (Khattab, Garary, Aknash, Hany ….etc.) or traditional Kebab and kofta at Balbaa, Hosni, Abd elwahab, etc.


Another out of the world experience, a meatloaf Egyptian style, you can find it at most sandwich and local food shops, can get get from a butchery or make it yourself just get the stuffing from a butchers place, go to the local bakery near you and watch it sizzle in front of your eyes.

Oriental Desserts

Konafa, Basbousa, Baklava it is like finding golden treasure in Ali Baba’s cave, you can find it anywhere.

Dairy Products Desserts

Indulge a dreamy milk and rice pudding topped with ice cream, and nuts or maybe om Ali, Ashura or just simple pudding you must try Saber and Elsheikh wafeeq or you will be missing a lot .


Fresh Mediterranean Seafood you can find it at fancy restaurants like fish Market, Seagull or the Greek club or enjoy it like a local. If you want to Enjoy the sea breeze at a restaurant you should visit zephyrion at Abo-kir area or maybe try a more local way and try the local fishermen cooking while sitting on the sandy shore also in Abo-kir area. as for the western part of town you can find a lot of local restaurants, check the eastern harbor for local fishermen or try one of the local restaurants like abo Ashraf, Kadorah, Abo Farag, Shaaban for an unforgettable dinner. Further west you can find Zaphir.

Alexandria Delicious Cheese Fondue

Attention Cheese lovers! Get ready for a real challenge melted cheese like you have never known. Don’t miss going to Alban Swisra.