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The History

The History

Founded on 332 BC by Alexander the Great, Alexandria was the second most powerful city of the ancient world after Rome. 

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The Library

The Library

It is not just a beautiful building; it is also a vast complex where the arts, history, philosophy, and science come together.

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The Beaches

The Beaches

Alexandria is distinguished with its beaches from Al-Ma’amora eastern to Al-Agamy at the west, with about 24 km long.

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The Heritage

The Heritage

Discover the architecture heritage of Alexandria and enjoy the beauty, creativity, and authenticity of the metropolitan city.

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Important Faces from Alexandria

He was the Minister of Culture. Hosni won various national and international prizes. He renovated the Egyptian museums and established new ones, in addition to renovating al-Horreya Palace, which is now one of the most important landmarks of culture in Alexandria.

Farouk Hosni, Artist
Farouk Hosni

Ibrahim Wanly established together with his brother, Seif, their own studio in 1935. He and his brother held many exhibitions, inside and outside Egypt, since 1942. He was appointed lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, in 1957 as was his brother.

Ibrahim Adham Wanly, Artist
Ibrahim Adham Wanly

He is a painter, musician and writer. He was born in Alexandria in 1912. He is considered a pioneer of children journalism and comics.  He was influenced by the Pharaonic art and the Japanese drawings. Music engrossed him; he played the lute and the tunbur (a long-necked, stringed instrument resembling the mandolin).

Hussein Picar, Painter
Hussein Picar

He is a pioneer of the Egyptian Cultural Renaissance. He is considered one of the major men-of-letters and Arab thinkers, who possess a vivacious ability to raise contention and national debates as regards contemporary issues. His novels and plays are still considered masterpieces of the Arab literature.

Tawfik Al- Hakeem, Writer
Tawfik Al- Hakeem

Born in Alexandria in 1892, Sayed Darweesg is considered a pioneer of Arab music.  He is also considered the first to develop integrated artistic foundations of such theater lyrical forms: he was a pioneering revivalist of the musicals.

Sayed Darweesh, Singer & Composer
Sayed Darweesh

In the 1960s director David Lean, introduced Omar Sharif in his film, Lawrence of Arabia. This was his first ticket to international stardom. He was nominated for Oscars for his role in Doctor Zhivago.

Omar Sharif, Actor
Omar Sharif, Actor

He is the former President of the Republic. He abolished feudalism via agricultural reform laws-distributing lands on the crushed poor. His name and memory are stilم resonating in Egypt, the Arab World, Africa, Asia and Latin America, to date.

Gamal Abdel Nasser
Gamal Abdel Nasser

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